The History Learning Project

The History Learning Project is dedicated to increasing learning in college history classes through the use of the Decoding the Disciplines process. Through the links below you can find out more about the project and gain access to the resources that we have produced. Since the website is incomplete the most useful material at present can be found by clicking thru the Curriculum and Assessment section --> Objectives and Assessments. The seven objectives listed are complete and ready for your perusal.

The Decoding Process

Questions about the HLP

  • What is the Indiana University History Learning Project?
  • What is the Decoding the Discipline approach?
  • How can this approach be used to define, model, and assess skills in history courses?
  • How can this process be used to create a curriculum?

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Seven steps of decoding

Spencer and Teagle Foundations project
In 2008, the project was awarded a grant by the Spencer and Teagle Foundations' initiative for Systematic Improvement of Undergraduate Education in Research Universities. This grant project is exploring strategies to get past two significant bottlenecks: the ways that undergraduates learn to analyze primary sources, a particularly important step in the development of historical reasoning, and the creation of original and persuasive written arguments.